Articles of Association

TEMPO – Federation of Film Editors Associations e.V.



The “TEMPO - Federation of Film Editors Associations e.V.” sees itself as an international umbrella organization for professional film editors. Its goal is to represent the professional interests of film editors internationally.

1. to protect, preserve and promote the artistic, economic, socio-political and legal interests of the member associations and their film editors,

2. to provide film editors at international level with a platform that promotes cooperation and the mutual exchange of information and experience. This will take place while respecting transnational fairness, equal treatment and solidarity and preserving cultural idiosyncrasies and identities.

3. to support member organizations in matters of organization, membership acquisition and financing.

4. to increase the public profile of film editors as creative co-authors of film works.

5. to represent the interests of the member associations and their members vis-à-vis television broadcasters, the film industry and national and international distributors, streaming portals, collecting societies and trade unions.

6. to pursue a common policy at the international level in accordance with TEMPO, while preserving the unrestricted national autonomy of the member associations.