international co-production, editing in all its states

A TEMPO-LMA round table

3 April 2022 - Paris


In April 2022, TEMPO and LMA co-hosted a round table in Paris, during LMA's film festival Les Monteurs s'affichent. Six guests, coming from all over Europe, were invited to discuss their experience on internationally co-produced films and series. 


These six editors told us about the joys and obstacles of such complex and atypical projects: working abroad, remote communication with the director, unknown languages and cultural barriers, hiring conditions and dealing with various co-producers... At a time of accelerated globalization of production and editing practices, they helped us better understand the specificities of these international post-productions, with budgets that can be either colossal or modest. 


From the blockbuster to the independent auteur film, from the international series to the documentary providing a window on the world, editing becomes even more than usual an invitation to travel. 



  • Peter Alderliesten | NCE, Netherlands
  • Alexander Berner | BFS, Germany
  • Çiçek Kahraman | KUDA, Turkey
  • Sarah McTeigue | AMC, Italy
  • Patrick Minks | NCE, Netherlands
  • Alexandra Strauss | LMA, France


Video and sound recording

Camille Arnaud, Clémentine Gardet, Stéphanie Keskinides, Adrián Claret-Perez



Érika Barroché, Marion Dartigues-Personnaz


Les Monteurs s'affichent

Vincent Rinaldi, Mathilde Muyard and all the festival team


Le Luminor Hôtel de Ville

Andy Sellitto and all the cinema team 



Camille Mouton and Baptiste Saint-Dizier


Moderation and editing

Baptiste Saint-Dizier


A LMA - Les Monteurs s'affichent - TEMPO event